Supasoft insulation specification

SupaSoft Insulation Specification

Performance Thermal Conductivity: 0.040 Wm-1K-1
Density: 13 kgm-3
Water Absorption (@100% RH): 0% w/w
Specific Heat Capacity: 1000 Jkg-1K-1
Vapour Resistivity: 5 MN·s·g-1m1
Ignition Point: >500oC
Flammability to BS 5803-4: Pass
Smoulder resistance to BS 5803-4: Pass
Recoverability and thickness, EN 823: Pass
Dimensional stability to EN 1604: Pass
Can be used to achieve airborne sound reduction of Rw = 40dB.


Manufactured to ISO 9001 & 14001
GWP (Cradle to Gate): <5 kgCO2e
Recycled Content: >95%
Recyclable: Yes
Thickness – 100 & 150 mm
Width – 390 & 590 mm
Roll Lengths – 7.0m (100mm), 4.65m (150mm)


Thickness mm (tolerance +/- 5mm) Thermal Resistance Km2W U-Value W/m2K
100 2.5 0.40
150 3.75 0.27
200 5 0.20
250 6.25 0.16
300 7.5 0.13

SupaSoft Insulation Specification

Odorless, soft to touch and containing no harmful chemicals or binders SupaSoft is completely safe to handle and easy to install.  Use SupaSoft between or over joists, or simply lay on top of existing insulation to improve overall insulation performance. SupaSoft can also be used under floors or behind walls to provide sound insulation throughout the building.

With over 15 years of experience in producing natural and recyclable insulation ERI’s uncompromising approach to performance, quality and service means you are assured SupaSoft will meet all your performance expectations.

For further information please contact us – call 01768 486285 or email enquiries@supasoftinsulation.com