How to install

SupaSoft Recycled plastic insulation

How to install SupaSoft Insulation

SupaSoft Insulation is a sustainable, soft touch insulation which comes in convenient, easy to handle multi-roll packs. In addition, each pack contains two or three rolls of insulation depending on the width you require.

Our insulation comes firstly in widths of 390mm or 590mm designed to fit between standard timber spacings. Secondly, with thicknesses of 100mm and 150mm simply add layers to achieve the insulation performance you require. For most lofts this will be 250mm or 300mm. Refer to our guidance for more detail.

Non-itch recycled Insulation

Made from recycled polyester which comes from recycled plastic bottles, SupaSoft Insulation is safe to handle and easy to install. What’s more, SupaSoft Insulation is not irritating to the skin, eyes or respiratory tract and contains no harmful VOC’s.

Just follow our guide to insulating your loft with SupaSoft Insulation and enjoy the benefits of safe and sustainable insulation in your home.

To retain the benefits of vapour permeability, SupaSoft Insulation may be used in conjunction with a vapour permeable underlay. Protect the insulation from prolonged exposure to sunlight when unpacked and avoid wetting for extended periods, store under cover and clear of the ground.

For SupaSoft Insulation Factsheet and Installation Guides visit the download section