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SupaSoft is a sustainable, recycled plastic bottle insulation that is good for your home, your family, and the environment. Perfect for lofts, SupaSoft offers a long term solution to deal with the legacy of waste plastic, most of which comes from single-use applications.

SupaSoft Insulation is a low energy alternative to Rockwool and fibreglass, it is totally safe to handle and can be installed by the DIY home-owner or a professional. It will not need to be replaced and lasts the lifetime of the building.

All our SupaSoft Recycled Plastic Insulation is manufactured locally in the UK, supporting local enterprise and helping to reduce the carbon emissions that arise when transporting bulky materials long distances.

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The thermal performance of SupaSoft is about 10% better than conventional fibreglass loft roll. SupaSoft has a density of 13 kg/m3. Find our more – read the factsheets available to download.

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Made from recycled PET (polyester from recycled plastic bottles) SupaSoft is extremely durable. Because the binder is made from PET it does not degrade over time preventing the insulation from slumping. This means that SupaSoft insulation will last the life of the building, so once installed there is no need to replace.

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The fibres in SupaSoft react to fire by rapidly melting away from the flame source.

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SupaSoft is very cost effective.  Please visit our distributors for prices Where to buy”

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SupaSoft is non-hazardous and is not a controlled substance under the COSHH regulati