Caring for the Future

At Eden Renewable Innovations Ltd – manufacturers of recycled insulation SupaSoft –  we focus on creating the best outcomes for both people and the environment, caring for the future of the planet and the future of your children’s children.


Manufactured in the UK

All our SupaSoft Recycled Plastic Insulation  is manufactured locally in the UK, supporting local enterprise and helping to reduce the carbon emissions that arise when transporting bulky materials long distances.

safe and easy to install loft insulation

Warm, Soft, Cosy insulation

It takes an average of 12,000 waste plastic bottles to produce enough SupaSoft to insulate a typical loft. That’s 12,000 plastic bottles that would otherwise have been buried in landfill, incinerated or left to litter the environment..

Free Sample

If you would like a free sample of SupaSoft posted out to you then please fill in the contact form below telling us a little about your intended project and we will send one out to you.

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Why SupaSoft Insulation?

If you would like to learn more about SupaSoft recyled plastic bottle insulation and just why we believe it is good for your home, your family, and the environment read on.

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Technical Team

Our Technical team are ready to answer any questions on how to install SupaSoft insulation.  Email or phone 017684 86285 and we will be happy to help.

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SupaSoft recycled plastic insulation – A soft-touch loft insulation, safe & easy to install

SupaSoft recycled plastic insulation is soft, warm and kind insulation for your home.   Safe to handle, easy to install and manufactured in the UK from recycled plastic bottles.

SupaSoft is non itch and contains no added harmful chemicals, or binders.  You can handle SupaSoft without the use of protective clothing.  Unlike more traditional glass or mineral insulation is not irritating to the skin, eyes or respiratory tract.  What's more, it does not emit harmful VOC’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds)

A safe, sustainable and cost effective choice.  SupaSoft loft insulation comes in convenient, easy to handle multi-roll packs.  With widths of 390mm or 590mm, SupaSoft is designed to fit between standard timber spacings.

With thicknesses of 50mm and 100mm simply add layers to achieve the insulation performance you require. For most lofts this will be 250mm or 300mm.

Managing Director of Eden Renewable Innovations Ltd, Mark Lynn said “With campaigns such as Ocean Rescue, the issue of single use plastics and their impact on the environment is beginning to be taken seriously.  Not only do we have to eliminate our dependence on single use plastics but we have to deal with the legacy of material that exists.  Putting waste polyester into durable end uses such as loft insulation is an effective way to help deal with the mountain of waste in the system.  What’s more, with the need to substantially upgrade insulation levels if we expect to meet our carbon emission targets, insulating your loft with recycled polyester seems an obvious choice.”

Recycling for the long term