Why SupaSoft Insulation?

If you would like to learn more about SupaSoft – a cost effective, sustainable, safe to handle insulation, and just why we believe it is good for your home, your family, and the environment
read on.

SupaSoft Insulation – Soft-touch, safe to handle insulation that’s easy to install

We’ve turned duvet and pillow technology into safe, sustainable and cost effective insulation.

Most of us are familiar with the warmth and comfort provided by polyester fibres, widely used to fill jackets, duvets and pillows.  Now we, at Eden Renewable Innovations ltd have  taken this technology and using recycled polyester fibres made from recycled plastic bottles have created a long lasting and safe insulation.

SupaSoft recycled plastc loft insulation contains no harmful chemicals and is a completely safe and easy to handle insulation.  Converting plastic bottles into insulation helps divert many tonnes of waste plastic from landfill or incineration so helping protect our environment.

A Safe, Sustainable Alternative to Glass Fibre Insulation

SupaSoft Insulation is long-lasting and easy to install. What’s more, energy savings mean the insulation pays for itself in just a few years.  SupaSoft Insulation can be used to insulate between and over joists or simply laid on top of existing insulation to improve overall insulation performance.

At a time when plastic pollution is at its height with over one million seabirds and one hundred thousand sea mammals killed in the ocean by pollution each year, we at Eden Renewable Innovatons Ltd firmly believe that it is time to act and we are proud to offer SupaSoft to the market. Made from recycled plastic bottles, SupaSoft is a  safe, soft, sustainable and cost effective alternative to glass and mineral insulation.

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