SupaSoft Loft Insulation factsheets

SupaSoft Loft Insulation Factsheets – safe, sustainable and cost effective

Our SupaSoft Loft Insulation factsheets and installation guides are available in PDF format for you to download, giving you information on how to insulate your loft using SupaSoft a safe alternative to fibreglass as well as technical information and U Value Guides.

If you would like any further information then our technical team are more than happy to advise and answer your questions.


    1. Insulating your loft with SupaSoft Insulation

    2. SupaSoft Insulation Factsheet

    3. SupaSoft Insulation U Value Guide

Odorless, soft to touch and containing no harmful chemicals or binders SupaSoft is completely safe to handle and easy to install.  Use SupaSoft between or over joists, or simply lay on top of existing insulation to improve overall insulation performance. SupaSoft can also be used under floors or behind walls to provide sound insulation throughout the building.

With over 15 years of experience in producing natural and recyclable insulation ERI’s uncompromising approach to performance, quality and service means you are assured SupaSoft will meet all your performance expectations.

With campaigns such as Ocean Rescue, the issue of single use plastics and their impact on the environment is beginning to be taken seriously.  Not only do we have to eliminate our dependence on single use plastics but we have to deal with the legacy of material that exists.  Putting waste polyester into durable end uses such as insulation is an effective way to help deal with the mountain of waste in the system.  What’s more, with the need to substantially upgrade insulation levels if we expect to meet our carbon emission targets, insulating with recycled polyester seems an obvious choice.